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Jelly Baby
18-02-2015, 09:45 AM
Ok I'll try not to complicate things!

My daughter used to live with her dad when she turned 16 so I let ofsted know. She moved in around Xmas time and I started the process off. I have to say its been one of the hardest forms I've ever had to do.

I did it all, one dd isn't ever here and she wouldn't understand a single bit of it? We've moved SO many times the address part was comical. It's taken till now and still not literally done. Had an email from ofsted asking me to log into the online portal..did this but apparantly no good as it's mine and not my daughters? So we have to redo the whole ey2 form..

She will have left home by the time it gets done!!

Do we now as established childminders have to update ours and if so how often?


18-02-2015, 09:48 AM
No , only the newer dbs's need to be linked to the update system..

Jelly Baby
18-02-2015, 02:57 PM
Thanks for your help