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14-02-2015, 04:59 PM
How much do you put through for cleaning material.

15-02-2015, 04:26 PM
How long is a piece of string?

I put through what I use and how much it costs as I buy it.

I include, washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs, washing liquid, vanish powder, liquid hand soap, surface cleaner, window cleaner, anti bac wipes for the changing mat, j cloths, paper towel rolls, toilet roll.

I don't use anti bac sprays or bleach I use the same Tea tree based cleaner for the toilets, sicks and surfaces.

As a rough guide:

I prob get through 4 bottles of surface cleaner a year ( the one I use is concentrated and I get 6 spray bottles full from one refill)

I use one washing up liquid a month for family and cm so put through 50% of the cost

I use one dishwasher tab a day but that is for family as well so I put through the cost of 5 a month for cm

Washing Liquid I do one wash a week for cm and approx 3 a week for us and I use one bottle of washing liquid a month so I charge a % to cm

vanish powder the same

Liquid soap I buy stuff for a Dettox Hand Soap Pump which is only for cm so all that cost goes in.

Window cleaner I use a one I dilute so I put through on bottle a year.

Anti Bac Wipes I packet a week

J Cloths a normal sizes pack a month

Paper towel I roll a week

Toilet roll one roll a week at the moment but it will depend on how many children in your care use the toilet

15-02-2015, 09:01 PM
Like Rickysmiths I buy and put into accounts as I do so.
I try to keep cleaning products for just childminding - in a section of my cupboard , so it all goes through. But there is only DH and I so we have room to do this. We just use main bathroom and downstairs loo for cHM as we have an ensuite so all cleaning products / handwash, toilet roll etc..for these rooms is just for ch m - unless we have family or visitors staying.

When I shop I put ch minding through seperately first, but I may stop doing this because I sometimes can get more nectar points if I spend over an amount.

16-02-2015, 04:27 PM
Childminder54 sent me a message asking how much my cleaning came to in a year and I thought other might be surprised how much it adds up to I was I don't normally separate it out because it goes in my Pacey Accounts Book with other food and normal expenditure .

I went through my account book for April 2014 to 2015

I added Air freshener, rubber gloves, hand gel sanitizer (only in my going out bag) and scourers and sponges for washing up to the list above

To put it in context over that year I have cared for 3 under 3s all the time, one 10 year old after school no holidays for one month and a 4 year old after Nursery for 4 months.

The total for the year is £254.25

hectors house
16-02-2015, 09:19 PM
I only buy multi purpose cleaning products and generally put through 50 % and 5% of each box of washing powder (for washing flannels, towels, tea towels, cot sheets, muslin cloths, bibs). 50% of toilet rolls, kitchen roll and cling film too.

16-02-2015, 09:36 PM
Thanks for that it's opened my eyes as didnot think to put through washing powder for sheets cots tee towels ect. It just needs some one to say you should be claiming for this and that.

16-02-2015, 11:06 PM
Yes I put in cling film, foil, food bags, tissues.
But these are not cleaning products.