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11-01-2015, 08:53 PM
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So surprise baby number 3 die in May - as baby is a surprise DH didn't have a plan for maternity leave.

I can't afford to let families down, lose families or money so for that reason the temporary plan so far is to return to work asap.

I'm not too concern cause I will take the time off and I don't charge for time off anyway.

But does anyone know if holiday entailment is separate from maternity leave?

I'm only gonna take 2-3 weeks maternity leave (all being well) but would still value my holiday during summer holidays esp with my DS and new baby.


12-01-2015, 07:48 AM
Not sure if I understand the question. If you took June off for maternity leave, went back to work in July you could still take off August but wouldn't get paid. (As that's your policy) it's your business you can take what you want it's just as to whether parents are happy with it and you don't risk losing them. I think it's hard to take so little off tho. Could you not afford to take a few months off. You would get paid for August then too as could keep claiming maternity.

Hope I've understood correct

Please edit die to due as tells a completely different story :-(

13-01-2015, 06:26 PM
Thanks M19

That's sort of what I thought - I doesn't really matter as not expecting parents to pay whilst I'm on Mat leave or holiday.

Unfortunately Mat leave just doesn't compete with current income - and I can't afford to lose families.

All my families know or will do - it's def a plan A only and all being well kind of thing.

I keep reading contented baby book to bump in the hope it will sink in :-)

I'm am lucky thou as I finish 2.30 most days and 4pm twice a week so not long days and no after schoolers apart from my own - can really give em
Notice - hubby is working with me too so also an extra pair of hands/ears

Praying all will b well and of course all this work will get me bk into my skinnys asap :-)

13-01-2015, 07:31 PM
You can work 10 keeping in touch days while on maternity leave I think so 2 weeks full time which you'd get paid for by parents and continue to claim maternity, when we have next baby I intend on starting back slow just 1 or 2 days a week which I'd class as KIT days while still officially being on mat...this is what I did when employed im assuming the same would apply when self employed but not in the situation myself yet so haven't checked but could be worth looking into