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08-12-2014, 10:03 PM
Is it possible to get advice off the person that comes out to do your pre reg visit? For instance I'm unsure which parts of my garden would be best for childminding (I have a grass area and seperate patio area) but would they help or advise me on this? Also id rather not put hooks up for childrens coats as I have a porch where they can be left on a bench etc but are these the kind of things I can ask for their advice on? Thank you!

08-12-2014, 10:23 PM
From my recent pre-reg I would say that the Inspectors focus on safety/safeguarding. They will most certainly look at your garden from a safety point of view. If they feel it's 'safe' they will 'pass' the garden for you to use. If they feel your garden isn't safe then they will discuss this with you and may not allow you to use your garden until you have made it safe for the children (you can use your house for minding and exclude your garden as long as you take the children out and about daily). I very much doubt that they will give you any tips on garden design other than safety aspects!! There simply isn't the time during the pre-reg!!

As for where the children hang their coats - that's up to you to decide, as long as (yes you've guessed it!) it's safe!!! So you get the drift, the Inspectors are really really hot on all things 'safe' and quite rightly so!!

Hope that answers your questions!!