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27-11-2014, 10:03 PM
Hi anyone aware of the requirements for students to complete EY2 form and registered for DBS update service?

The college provided a DBS cert but not aware of the need to reg with update service not complete EY2 forms.

Is this just for home based settings or nurseries? Cause if just home-based, it may be cheaper for the student to find a alternative placement which will be such as shame - as she is a lovely girl :-(


04-12-2014, 07:54 PM
Thanks Sarah Neville for ur PM the other day - oftsed are actually
Being v supportive and I think between college and myself we will have it all sorted soon

On a Positive note the student is lovely and a gr8 help - the LOs have really taken to her and
I've never asked her twice to do anything - she just knows what to do next.

Plus she Spks really highly of us too and says she is really enjoying her time - In comparison at least half of her fellow students on placement (mainly at nurseries) have given up for diff reasons -

The children pick on them
They just have to mop the floors all day
Are left by themselves
Having no fun

To be honest with have been out a couple of times which does invoke cake ;-) but what CM week doesn't ;-)

So quietly pleased with myself - it can be a tough job but at least she hasn't left !

And is seeing all the positives - she was so pleased when a LO 18mnths copied something she showed him last week and he had remembered it ;-)

Full of cold but feeling all warm and fuzzy (or maybe that's the fever again)