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27-11-2014, 06:50 PM
A member on our Independent Childminders Facebook group asked for clarification about insurance expectations when administering medication such as Epipens.

This is the reply from Morton Michel ....................

I can confirm that in regards to epipens our policy wording states that training ‘must be as stipulated by the child’s general practitioner or consultant and, if required, you must provide proof of such training.’

Therefore as long as the GP is happy that training by parents or a first aid course that includes use of epipens is sufficient and states that in their letter then the policy cover will remain in place, and training would not necessarily need to be repeated.

If training is provided by parents we suggest that a letter confirming this has taken place is signed and dated by both parties. For training through a first aid course you would need to provide proof of attendance either in the form of certificate or other official proof.

You would need to ensure that you are complying at all times with the policy conditions relating to the administration of drugs and medicines and any Ofsted/EYFS/Other registering body requirements.

I hope this clarifies. If you have any further queries please contact Morton Michel direct - the email address is on the website :D

**Orchard CM**
12-05-2015, 07:48 PM
thanks, very helpful :)