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23-11-2014, 09:53 AM
I'm currently expecting and atm already have a lo who i mind who is one.
Lo is main full time income others are after school.

I have couple of questions when my own baby is born in April 2015 the lo will only be 17 months lo doesn't turn 2 years old until sept would I still be able to carry on the care for lo ?
I know I can do it as I've two other children of my own with only 20 months between them now in full time school aged 5 and 7
The others I mind are aged 5 years to 8 years old
It means that on a Monday Thursday and Friday I would have
My own new baby ( only taken 4 weeks off)
My own two children aged 5 and 7 years
Lo now who will be 17 months
Two siblings after school aged 5 and 8 years
One child aged 7 years after school.

All in all with my own children included I would have 7 children although one is 8 years old does this mean the 8 year old isn't in my numbers still means I would have 6 children
I'm going to look into an assistant who could help me do school runs ( am at two schools picking up) and help with the children who would be required on a Monday Thursday Friday term time only from 230pm to 630pm but could increase to school holidays as well if I get more children in the holidays.

What happens if the assistant let's you down would you have to cancel children ?

Any advice would be great thank you in advance

23-11-2014, 10:17 AM
1 x under 1 (baby)
1 x under 5 (17 mths)
2 x 5yr olds
2 x 7yr olds

= 6 children (8 yr old doesn't count in numbers) so ratio wise, yes you're fine

If your assistant lets you down, then you're still fine ratio wise so no need to cancel children at short notice, although the logistics of the 2 school runs could be tricky

23-11-2014, 10:22 AM
Yes ideally I'd like to not have an assistant but school wise I'd struggle and car wise too due to my car been full now on Mondays Thursday Friday ....

Would I be best to hire an assistant from college ?