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20-11-2014, 08:46 PM
I recently started minding siblings x age 12 months an absolute dream to look after no trouble her brother on the other hand shows me very concerning behaviour and I'm struggling to cope....
I pick him and my son up from school mon - thurs 4 days
They are different classes and are not partially friends in or out of school I'm anxious all day worrying about what mood he will be in when I pick up as sometimes when he comes out and sees me he throws his bag down shouts at me saying he wants daddy to pick him up he will basically scream and cry all the way home I would say he does this at least once a week. I feel embaressed that everybody is looking at me....

When we are home it's his way or no way if I tell him something he don't like he will hurl abuse at me that he's going to hit spit at his mum dad granny he hates them and so on littrally anything sets him off.

Today he hit mum in the face twice at pick up time and refused to put his shoes on so walked
home bare foot no jacket on at 7pm at night.

The parents say they use the naughty step.

How do I approach mum I really can't go on like this... I'm happy to look after baby.
Any advice please.

20-11-2014, 08:53 PM
I'm wondering if after school club would be better for him.

21-11-2014, 10:29 AM
Use his own behaviour to reason with them, he's not settling and doesn't like it at all whereas his sibling does. Say you wonder if he would be happier at another setting or after school club as it is affecting the other children and your son and you don't like to see him so unhappy when you collect him, that's what I'd do, maybe have some other options on hand that you've researched. Use his happiness as the primary reason.