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20-11-2014, 09:46 AM
Bit of an awkward one.
Dad asked if he could leave mindee's car seat here yesterday. My husband answered the door to him and said yes, that was fine.
Dad turns up this morning with car seat out of van and on doorstep again. He's a delivery driver and obviously has a huge amount of parcels to deliver this time of year. Yesterday was fine, I have quiet Wednesdays and Fridays. But today is one of my busiest days, my cleaners are coming and I have several other things going on. I told him that I couldn't always store his car seat as I have lots of kids here (before and after school), cleaners are here today and other things going on.
He looked as though I'd just stamped on his cat! I backtracked and offered to store it upstairs on a bed today and said Wednesdays and Fridays would be fine.

My questions are; do you store large items for families? Was I a cow bag to tell him no in the first place (honestly, he looked like he was about to cry!)?

We're a large family (5 and a cat and dog!) and the house is cluttered enough with pushchairs and other minding things. I don't think I mentioned that I also offer a storage facility in my leaflet!!!

Am I being a horrible person?!?

20-11-2014, 09:58 AM
I have stored a car seat in the past but only on the odd occasion when granny was picking up instead of parents. As a rule I would not store anything like that as I just don't have the room. A few years ago a mum used to drop off child in a buggy and leave it outside my house. I had no room for it indoors but I explained that if it got stolen I would not be responsible.


20-11-2014, 10:38 AM
Oh I feel your pain. I store a bicycle seat for one family - it just sits in my pushchair when we are at home and then when we are out it sits on the floor where the pushchair would normally be. The dad did say the other day that it won't be long before the boy can start cycling on his own bike to mine. Me being such a wuss didn't have the guts to warn him that I don't have room to store that and so I'm still waiting for that awkward conversation. Don't bloomin' want dirty tyres on my carpet - no shoe policy so why would I want a bicycle which could have been ridden through mud and dog muck? I'm thinking that this is another issue I need to discuss at the signing of contracts. No, you weren't a 'cowbag' (that made me giggle!) It is a difficult situation for him and I'm not sure what he solution is if he really hasn't got space during the day in his van. Is he literally on his way to work when he drops off at yours - hasn't he got time to nip back home? Do you have a shed? I'm thinking back and I don't actually recall ever being asked if I could store the bicycle seat, I think it was just taken for granted that I would. (Sorry, used your thread to have a rant myself).

20-11-2014, 10:48 AM
I have stored car seats before, but in all cases the parents have asked if it was OK. It usually happens when one parent drops off, the other collects and they only have the one seat. I have done it because there really isn't another option. If I haven't had room downstairs to store it I've put it in a bedroom.

I do think it's a different matter when your dad wants to do it just to make his working life easier!

20-11-2014, 12:45 PM
I store car seats in my garage, luckily I have the luxury of this space.

This week one was left in my hall and a 3 year old took himself off after a meltdown and sat in it- it then became the most popular place to sit with books. A car seat book corner ? Never thought of that before!

20-11-2014, 01:11 PM
Thanks for your replies. I'm pleased to say I don't feel so cowbaggy now!
I wish I had the space to help him out but I don't. I don't have a garage and my shed is useless, not waterproof and full to the brim with junk!
I've kept hold of the odd buggy/car seat before as a favour to a parent or two, but I don't feel I can offer this extra service on a regular basis. Kids can be klutzes and I have a couple who fall over thin air, I don't really want extra things cluttering up my hallway, especially on busy days like today.
I think I was taken aback that he just turned up today with the car seat out of his van and on my doorstep and expected us to continue to store it for his needs. It would have been nice if he'd asked if he could store it here on a regular basis.