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18-11-2014, 07:23 AM
Morning! I have children being dropped off soon and am anticipating a situation which I would love some advice regarding.

Last week the little girl I look after had some very bad nappies, including the point that food she ate was coming back out the other end half hour later and not even digested . once the child had gone through all the nappies sent with her I phoned the parent, concerned this was not normal and diarrhoea. I asked the parent and she said no it's not normal for the child. The child was then collected half way through the day, also collected was the sibling (their choice to collect at same time).

My pol and procedure obviously states that children with diorrhea need to not be in the setting and I explained this on the phone.

I asked parent via text if child was feeling better etc, to which the reply was yes she is and actually she was not I'll last week, and the nappies I described were normal for her.

Now, I am just anticipating and may be wrong, but have a feeling they may ask for some money back. As far as they were concerned they lost out on two children's half day of childcare, so a whole days worth. But from my point of view I did what I thought was right, and did phone to check with parent, who told me it was not normal.

Obviously I want to stick my guns and my policy on fees is that if a child is I'll it's full pay, if I'm I'll it's no fees charged. What would you do?

18-11-2014, 07:39 AM
She could have told you on the phone these nappies were normal and explain to you she felt all was fine and maybe even say she really didn't see any need to collect and if they were normal (I have had a child like this before and they not ill) I feel she would have been within her rights so to speak to request you continue minding until contracted hours. But she agreed to collect said that they were not normal and collected the other child so full fee is payable.... just state you signed the contracted fully understanding my fees and child sickness policy she agreed child may be ill. Stick to your guns.

18-11-2014, 07:48 AM
How long have you been looking after the child? If these nappies were normal for her, surely you would have seen this type of bowel movement before?
If you've been looking after her for a while and never experienced this before then I wouldn't describe it as 'normal'.
Stick to your guns, say the nappies were not normal to what you usually see from the child therefore you suspected a stomach upset & that it was their choice to take the other child with them.
Hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:

18-11-2014, 08:08 AM
Than you for replies. What makes it worse is it was the first time I looked after the child. That's why I ensured I asked on the phone if it was normal. I suspected it wasn't as on one of the settling in visits the parents told me her usual bowl movement is once first thing, so before she would usually be here. Also they only sent a certain number of nappies as they considered this would be the usual number required.

18-11-2014, 08:11 AM
Mum was obviously happy enough to collect at the time - full payment is due. Don't back down this time even as a gesture of goodwill , she will think youre going to cave every time she questions the fee or any other policy!

18-11-2014, 08:26 AM
If those nappies are normal then I suggest that child has some sort of food allergy as that is not normal surely.......

18-11-2014, 09:17 AM
I had a child who was fed fruit like it was going out of fashion. His nappies were vile watery foamy and frequent I had to cut his vest of tons of times. His older sister did foamy explosive toilet visits up until she left for primary school. It was normal for these two kids but my lord it made me vomit one day. Their wee bodies could not cope with all the fruit and pure orange. While with me I didn't offer them fruit as didn't want to add to the problem

hectors house
18-11-2014, 09:32 AM
Some children suffer from "toddler diarrhea" because they are eating TOO much fruit and not enough carbs. Unfortunate that this happened the first time you had the child but stress to the parent that any childminder or nursery would have acted the same way.

I looked after a little boy who went to a nursery where they liquidised all the veg to hide it in lasagna but it would go straight through the little boy and his dad was always being called to collect him - I never liquidised my veg and never had to send him home.

I currently look after a little one who is nearly two - his nappies on a Monday are always loose and purple colour - because they say he won't eat proper meals at home so they let him pig out on blueberries, by Tuesday when I change his nappies they are more normal because he will eat proper meals with me on a Monday.