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Jelly Baby
13-11-2014, 01:32 PM
Not getting a firm answer on this so wondered if anyone could clarify.

If a child in your care comes with antibiotics can we accept them? Can we administer them also as know schools don't?


13-11-2014, 01:41 PM
I follow the EYFS- it is a prescription medicine, written permission from parents, written record when I give it and I also get parents to sign that at end of day.

I have given antibiotics many times- usually the end of a course when the child is 100% well again, fit to come back to me, but still needs to finish course.

Only concern would be if child had never had antibiotics before and may have reaction- but so far child has always had a few days of it at home before returning to me, so no problem.

13-11-2014, 01:55 PM
My childrens school will give them.
I will give them as long as I have the signed medication form. I've had to do so many many times and have no problem with it. The only problem I once had was a child who hated having medicine and would have to be physically restrained and forced to take any. I told parents I would not be allowed to do this, luckily child would take a yogurt with it in so long as she didn't see me putting it in. Most of the time children are perfectly well enough to be in our care, they could be on antibiotics for any number of reasons.


13-11-2014, 04:04 PM
hi I am happy to admister antibiotics following written permission from parents. I follow the same principle as my sons school - has to be In orignal packaging with childs name on it and parents advise how much to give and when. If the child has not had antibodics before they have to start first 24 hours of the course at home in case of any alergic reactions

jackie 7
13-11-2014, 10:01 PM
i am the same, I will give if they are well enough to come and have had some before coming.