View Full Version : Administration of medicines- letter from parents or signing a form?

28-10-2014, 03:14 PM
I have read the MM policy wording, and I have noticed it says 'You must have a letter of authorisation from the child’s parent/guardian containing clear instructions for the administration of non-prescribed drugs or medicines, prescribed oral medication or asthma inhalers'

Does anyone with MM insurance use a form for parents to fill in and sign rather than a specific letter?

I know forms are usually used, so is 'letter' open to interpretation or do we really need to get a letter as well as the forms for them to sign every time the medicines is used?

28-10-2014, 08:56 PM
I am insured with MM and I don't have letters from parents - just medication forms signed by parents before medication is administered.

there are some free medication forms here - just log in free to get them - http://www.childcare.co.uk/information/childminding-forms :D