View Full Version : Applying to Ofsted when and which registers?

28-10-2014, 06:24 AM
Hi I am currently doing the PACEY HBCA course which my LA approved, my question is, I am two thirds of the way through the course and want to know whether to get the ball rolling and apply to Ofsted now or do I have to wait to finish my course? I have applied and received mine and my husbands DBS and am on the update service. So I just need my Health Declaration done and have my Child Protection and First Aid booked next month. Also which registers should I apply to be on and how much does it cost, as the Ofsted charges are confusing??? Thanks so much for any replies I receive.

28-10-2014, 08:22 AM
Ofsted can come quite soon after you apply (although of course they could take much longer!) so you need to be as ready as possible. I waited until I had finished the CYPOP course and completed FA/health form etc although I think you can have these booked in and still apply. I paid £35 and applied for the Early Years and Child Care Register, in fact I think I ticked all ages (seems like light years ago since I applied although it was only just over four weeks ago). If in doubt ring the Ofsted helpline!!

Good luck!!

P.S. do not rely on getting 12 weeks from when you apply, Ofsted do not seem to have any backlog at the moment, so you need to be ready (as you'll ever be!!) yourself and also your home too.

29-10-2014, 08:41 PM
thanks for such a good reply and good luck