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20-10-2014, 06:38 PM
I Have had this little one before and after school since September happy little girl, I get her in morning at 7:30am then after school contracted till 6pm, but mum normally picking her up after 4pm she just started back at work so was tired and left early I'm normally in the park when she comes to get her, little one has a illness but controlled by mum but I would say very spoiled cause of it, she didn't like my snacks once and complained she could eat what ever she wanted cause she is a big girl, and last week she spotted my daughters candy flossed and wanted some early in the morning, I told her it was my daughters but she wasn't haven't any of it we are suppose to share she said, I told her It was my Daughters special treat but she got upset... No problems until a few weeks ago when mum asked for my holidays so she could book hers, when I gave them she said could only afford me term times so she gave me 4 weeks notice, well same week walking up to school to pick other kids up, I normally meet up with the mum and another mum we stand and chat, but that week they ignored me which I through was strange, hard for me I lived in this city for 4 years and haven't really made friends with anyone, so from then I through I would get notice and what 2 weeks later I do, she said by txt yesterday that little one was ill and she was keeping her off all week , and she was changing her hours to flexi cause little one misses her , she was giving me a letter Tuesday with the money, then this after noon nan knocked the door who is normally very chatty, gave me the letter and 4 weeks pay , then got in the car where the mum was driving and little one in the back, and they normally wave bye, nothing , so feeling like it's really about me, I did ask in txt Sunday if it was me as we could talk if it was, but she said no, but to ignore someone the next day gets me thinking, don't know if I should sent a feedback form to her house, but don't think she fill it out anyway

20-10-2014, 07:34 PM
I'd leave it and walk away if I were you ... you have been given notice for whatever reason and you need to get advertising and move on.

parents are often only our friends for as long as the contract last.

Hugs xx

20-10-2014, 07:39 PM
Tough as it is, I would let it go.

It doesn't sound to me as if you've done anything wrong and it really does sound as if mum has her own reasons for giving notice. I'd say she feels embarrassed about it, hence the reason she doesn't want to discuss it.

She's told you it isn't because of you. She's paid you the notice period, so leave it at that,

I would send her a letter acknowledging receipt of final payment and the end of the contract. Wish them well and you never know, you may even become friends in the playground again.

Don't push for a reason and don't send a feedback form. You'll either come across as annoying, or you'll end up hearing something you don't want to hear.

Be happy that mum thought enough of you that she paid up the notice money without any questions :thumbsup:

20-10-2014, 07:48 PM
Also sending hugs. I'd feel incredibly frustrated to have no explanation. As Sarah says though you just need to move forward from it. Good luck :-)

20-10-2014, 09:04 PM
I agree with all the above too.

It must hurt, but, whether it is or isn't something mum thinks you have/have not done, it's not going to change the situation as it stands.
It may take some time, but if mum is a 'chatty' person, it'll eventually get to your ears as to the other reason (if there is one...)

:group hug: