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25-09-2014, 05:46 PM
Day off so decided to go for a long walk, headed to a familiar NT garden and grounds. Discussed on the way with DH how walking helps you switch off ( he is a retired mountain leadership qualified D of E volunteer leader - retired through lack of funding not willingness) from the daily concerns of life and appreciate nature, healthy too , not done as much this year, importance of map reading to keep your brain alert etc...

So I take a big bag - for camera and a liner bag, just in case!

We spend the first part of our walk foraging for Autumn conkers, horse chestnuts, acorns, pine cones etc... Bag full to brim! Talked all the time about what I could do/ ideas I had seen/ how the LO's would love to find these themselves ( we do collecting daily but our small nature reserve does not have the range or quantity).

Through the woods - stick collecting ! DH talks about things we could do with sticks. Camera now has to be carried as his camera bag is now full of sticks!

Photography - Autumnal pics/ materials in situ/ deer ( LO's will love these) mass of green / orange/ yellow colour to make into mats in Autumn display. Cornfields, tractors for Harvest farm focus.

Apple orchard - allowed to forage for windfalls - talked about apple crumble for pudding tomorrow - how LO's liked that/ should we change menu under locally foraged label , decided on activity for LO's tomorrow - make apple muffins for Afternoon snack.

Long, 3 hour walk- foraged for blackberries - One LO will love these on cereal in the morning./ back to apple and blackberry crumble discussion. Discussed logistics of bringing LO's as we found a great den area and woodland musical instruments, tried them all out- and problems as both parents are rear facing car seat members and these cost a lot of money and are not easily transferred - but one would willingly swap their range rover for our car for the day - ( DH not happy with them driving our car and, his opinion, not meaning to offend, thinks that driving around in an urban area in a range rover is .....)

Hit the NT shop - look at china, blankets, scarves, buy locally brewed ale and farm books and stickers.

Get back in the car - discuss on the way home how relaxing walking in the countryside is and how good for us, JUST SWITCHING OFF for a morning was !!!!!!!