View Full Version : help!! no electricity!!

23-09-2014, 11:32 AM
The builders next door have severed my electricity main cable, I've got no power or hot water.
Cant cook as everything is electric, no phone, mobile is running low

Should I be shutting or am I allowed to stay open?
Just worried that I will be uncontactable if my battery runs out

hectors house
23-09-2014, 12:06 PM
At least it's summer you could always stay at home it's not like you need to have lights or heating on, if you are out on a picnic children have to get used to using wet wipes to wash hands rather than having warm running water.

Do you normally give the children a cooked lunch, if so have they had it yet? If not and they bring a lunch box then go to the nearest park and have a picnic, text all the parents telling them under the circumstances you are going out, that your battery is running low - to save the battery for emergency use by you (ie: child has accident at park you need to phone 999) you will be turning your phone off.

We are having mains gas works in our road at the moment - they managed to dig through the mains water pipe a few weeks ago - water was running down the street for 3 hours so it was pretty obvious that the water would be turned off to mend it at some point. I took the dogs out after finishing work and when I came up our road all the neighbours were out in the street moaning about not being told the water would be turned off, one lady was saying "I've got a chicken cooked in the oven but I haven't got any water to cook my vegetables" - I offered her hot water as I have a tank but she was convinced that she would be ill if she used hot water (as it's not fresh off the mains), even though I pointed out to her that she would be boiling it, she went out and bought bottled water!