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23-09-2014, 11:21 AM
I guys, I would really appreciate some advice. I have loved working as a childminder for over 6 years, my husband has been really understanding and I have some lovely families and children. But...... I think it might be time to move on, my son is getting a bit older and I feel he needs me more and I think id quite like my house back and my evenings. Ive not been desperately looking for a job but Ive just seen one that would be perfect. The only draw back is that its less hours although the hourly rate is very good. I would be about £600 a month worse off. The thing that's making me more nervous is telling my families as well as 2 families that will be starting with me in 6 weeks time.

Am I doing the right thing??

Also I feel that I should contact the new families this week as it would be unfair to wait until the last minute.

My heads a mess, some advice or words of wisdom from fellow childminders would be great right now x

23-09-2014, 11:30 AM
You have to do what is right for you and your family. I agree it's best to let the new families know now it's only fair to them. By the sound of things it is your time to move on and try different things. You could keep repaying your yearly fee to Ofsted just in case things don't work out and go back to childminding if necessary, some people just need a change for a while and that way all your options are still open to you.

Can you really afford to be £600 per montht down in this day and age? I personally think quality time with my children would far out weigh the money, I have 4 children and two have left home already, they really do grow up so fast and those years can never be reclaimed.

I personally think you have thought hard about this already and know what the answer is you just need that little reassurance from outsiders and as one of them I say go for it, change is good and your son will appreciate you being there for him and remember it.
Good luck with everything :thumbsup:

23-09-2014, 11:34 AM
Thank you for your quick reply. That's just made me cry, feels like this is the biggest decision Ive ever had to make x

23-09-2014, 11:41 AM
You are not alone. I feel like this more and more. I also have lovely families and children but I want to do what's right for my own children as well. My youngest will be starting senior school in Sept 2016, so I have this date in my head as the 'date' when I'll be retiring from CM. I'm not taking on any more children and most will go in mid 2016, due to starting pre-school and of course primary school. I have no idea what other job to do, but I already have a part-time data entry job for the evenings and I may expand on that or even become a self employed delivery driver for small important parcels/documents.
I just want my home back and my kids want to have me to themselves in the afternoons :thumbsup:

23-09-2014, 07:49 PM
Thanks for your reply guys, its such a big decision to make as I love childminding. Maybe Im secretly hoping I wont get the job! x

24-09-2014, 06:09 AM
Personally, I would keep my options open lol

You can stay registered for up to 3 years with no children. You would need to continue paying your ofsted fee and your insurance, safeguarding and first aid training still needs to be kept upto date too. If you were due an inspection it would be a met or unmet, rather than a grade.

If you got the job, resigned your registration, and then 6 months down the line decided it wasn't working out for you, you would have to go through the whole registration process again, whereas if you are still registered, you'd just need to step up your advertising as you'd be all ready to go once you got some children.

It's as hard a decision to leave the profession as it is making the decision to set up, but you need to follow your gut. If it works great, if not, well, you tried.

Good luck

24-09-2014, 08:23 PM
Thanks, if I don't go for it I may regret it, and yes I will definitely keep my registration, Thanks for the advice x