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Miss freckles
23-09-2014, 11:17 AM
Hi, quick question. I want to put my husband down as an assistant, he works but is home by 3pm and I would like him to help me out on the school run and afterwards with the after school children and as he works on a rota he always has a day off in the week in which he can sometimes help with the little ones.

he won't be left alone with the children so am i right in thinking he doesn't need a first aid (this may be something we do in the future, when i do my next first aid) he already has his dbs so do i just need to go to ofsted online and fill in a EY2 form. is that it?

23-09-2014, 01:42 PM
You could also ask yourself why you want to register him as an assistant if you have no plans to leave him alone with children? He can help out with the children without being registered.

I registered my husband as assistant at the same time as I registered but he has never been alone with the children, never will be and I wish I hadn't registered him now! You have to make sure all your policies cover assistants, you have to make sure assistant knows all your policies and procedures, if you are inspected when assistant is in the house he has to be prepared and able to answer any questions the inspector asks etc. I just find it an unnecessary thing to have to think about.

If you actually plan for him to one day do his first aid and actually work as an assistant then great, go ahead. But if not, just make sure you are sure it is the best move.