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06-09-2014, 04:23 PM
Hi, Iam very excited but hugely scared as I have been asked to do a talk/presentation/workshop on mud kitchens with a local training.

The request is very open so I thought I would ask you wonderful people what would u want to hear/see/ do at a mud kitchen day?

I was also wondering...

What sold it to you to get one ?

What puts u off?

How do parents respond?

What would u like to now more abt?

And anything else you would like to add - I can waffle for Britain but not sure how to waffle professionally ;-0

Thanks in advance xT

blue bear
06-09-2014, 07:01 PM
I think photos/examples of a variety of options from the full on all singing mud kitchen to a plastic box with lid you can put away.
Types of mud to use
Accessories such as pans, spades, bowls etc
Other accessories you could swap and change such as washing up liquid, sponges, lavender
Natural additions grass, flowers, pine cones.
Aprons/big t shirts
Access to water

I personal think you have to have a try, so give a small group a box with a variety of resources and let them have a go at setting one up or just experimenting with what they have or can find around the garden.