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02-08-2014, 10:02 AM
Hello everyone
I am in the thinking process and the saving process of getting a new car well mini bus actually. I have have a large family of my own of 6 so my 7 seater just isn't cutting it! I know I will need a new licence and that's not a problem but my question is this.
How much can I claim on expenses? I will be using the bus for my own family and personal use also but I wouldn't be even thinking of getting one if I wasn't minding. And also the licence cost how much I that can I claim? As again I wouldn't be doing if I wasn't minding.
Any help would be great thanks x

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With vehicle expenses you can either go down the 45p a mile or keep full accounts and do a % of all costs for childminding use. You need to work out how much is childminding and how much is personal use so if 80% of your use is childminding then you can put that percentage through of all tax,servicing, repairs, cleaning, fuel etc. You need to keep all receipts and details of journeys made both business and personal. You can also put through vehicle depreciation over a few years but not the full cost of a vehicle (Chatterbox is the best to ask about this method)

With your minibus permit thingy I think you would need to speak to HMRC to get clarification.

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What size are you thinking of? The car can be done with mileage the same as any other car or you can keep a mileage sheet and work out the business use of the vehicle. there is a full detailed sheet on capital depreciation in resources.

02-08-2014, 07:27 PM
Not sure thinking 10 seater?

Thank you for your replies x