View Full Version : furious & need a rant!

28-07-2014, 04:43 PM
Lo5 has really pushed it this afternoon!!

Sat at dinner table I went to get his yoghurt, came back and hes completely pulled the drawstring out of my eldests designer hoodie that was hanging on the chair.... Why? He doesn't know!

Before dinner he asked to go to toilet, thought nothing of it.
5 mins before home time hubby goes o bathroom & calls me.... Toothpaste all over floor trodden in... Toothpaste was on shelf with lid on

Went out to check los shoes.... Yep toothpaste!

I asked him if he had trodden in toothpaste, he looked very shady & said yes. So I asked if he had put it on the floor, he burst into tears & said yes.

I asked why & he just sobbed

When mum came he instantly sobbed again, she cuddled him whilst i told her what happened.
She continued to cuddle him & said we'll talk about it at home!!!

No apology from mum or lo!!!

I'm so cross, just because he cried he wasn't expected to apologize, that's gonna set a good president!!

28-07-2014, 04:53 PM
Oh no!!! It really winds me up when we tell parents things like this and they make no apologies or ask child to!! Even worse when they cuddle them or have had in the past some that laugh about it

28-07-2014, 05:06 PM
I feel your pain. Today my 3 year old mindee was given timeout as he threw a toy straight in the face of another child. So when parent asked how they'd been today I told him. He laughed. Well chuckled anyway. Didn't say a word! Grrrrrrr!!!!! Worse thing was I knew he was going to react that way. Mum would've been just the same.

28-07-2014, 05:34 PM
I do sometimes think it's difficult for a parent. Imagine turning up to collect your child, they're sobbing, so your instinct is to comfort them, then you've got the childminder telling you about all the naughty things they've done, when you're probably not really listening. It's a lot to take in when you've just walked though the door! Of course you do get the parents who really don't care, or find it funny, but I do think a lot of them don't really listen to what you're saying.

I had a lo here one day who kicked me. When mum arrived to pick him up he cried, so she lifted him up & asked what was wrong. I just said we'd had an incident and I'd put a note in his bag. I could tell she wasn't really listening to me. They went off home, then came back an hour later, with a box of chocolates and an apology from a clearly chastised child! I told her it wasn't necessary as I had already dealt with it, but it was nice to know I had her support.