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16-07-2014, 04:57 PM
Hi I'm looking for some parent/CM advice

My DS are going into yr 5/3 in sept and WE really need to pull our fingers out and get the homework thing sorted.

I've made them some homework tool kits and a filing station to but - to do and done homework in etc BUT we just d'not have time to do it...

We are either in a out at clubs etc - having v valuable free play in the garden/neighbourhood etc or cooking/eating dinner and that's beside feeding babies or waiting for parents to pick up.

I am lucky I do only have 1-2 babies 3 evenings a week and the latest is 5.30.

BUT I'm so pooped on the other days or busy doing other stuff I can't give them the time/ encouragement to do their homework.

How does everyone else fit it in ? -

the sch will go bk to Monday-Monday so we will have the weekend but again with swimming,church, Sunday lunch and family time where do we fit it in ??

Anyone got a super tips I will be v great fully thanks in advance xT

16-07-2014, 05:04 PM
Its a bit like anything else - we make time for the things we find important!
I always complain I haven't got time to get on top of my paperwork - but strangely I manage to find the time to come on here!!
Its just about priorities. What is more important to yourself and your boys , homework or that ''other stuff'' you're busy with?

16-07-2014, 05:54 PM
I think it's a logistic thing rather then priority

The boys are pretty gd at coming in and starting it but then I'm feeding a baby b4 pick up, I'm changing nappies b4 pick up, saying hi to one mum bye to another and trying to consider cooking our tea too - so unable to help and then homework doesn't get done or gets put aside.

The other stuff is usually getting dinner on - and with x2 DSs and one hungry hubby dinner has to be ready ASAP -

I've have tried getting stuff done in the day too but then either my quality of care suffers or CM paperwork suffers ( usually do CM paperwork when babies sleeping)

The only free time we have is when DSs are in bed and I'm not sure thy can't do it whilst they re asleep -although I may try this ;-))

I know I need to organise n prioritise but nothing I seem to do sticks - life just keeps getting in the way ;-)

Looking for more tips to keep me sane xT

16-07-2014, 06:11 PM
We have the rule that IF there is homework to be done, then it is done as soon as we get in from school. Everyone - mindees and my own sit at the kitchen table and spend 20 mins doing homework or quiet reading. Sometimes the LOs sit and read too. Our school gives homework on the tuesday for following monday and we usually do it on the Tuesday. If everyone is at clubs and we don't have time, then mindees do it at home and dd does it after tea when everyone has gone home.
The habit is so ingrained that ds now comes home from high school and straight away does his homework.

Now ... If only I could get on top of all the instrument practice needed I'd be sorted!

16-07-2014, 06:15 PM
My DS is just finishing Yr 5 and we go through brief stages of him being told to do it after school but I am working until 6 most nights so I am not available to help him so it doesn't get done. We always end up doing it at weekends and even then most weekends it's a push to find time to do it. I generally ask him to do the bits he can do on his own and then I'll sit down with him and help him with the bits he needs help / guidance with. It's a PIA actually. I wish I had some magic answers. DD is just finishing Yr 1 so doesn't get too much at the moment but the bits she does get obviously she needs my undivided help with. Sometimes I hate Sunday afternoons!!!