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09-07-2014, 06:29 PM
I've had one of those days where everything is going wrong! Most of it has been little things, but the big thing is that my 2yo daughter fell at the park and her face broke her fall...against a wooden step! She cried for a few minutes, and I cuddled her and watched a bump grow to the size of an egg on her forehead. After about 2 minutes of cuddling, she got right back up to play! I felt sick to my stomach, but she seemed fine. However, a few minutes later I noticed clear liquid running from her nose. I knew it could be snot, but I wasn't prepared to take a chance, so I loaded her and my 21 mo mindee into the pushchair so I could make some calls. I phoned my husband to come get our daughter and take her to A and E, then tried phoning mindee's parents to collect her, but no answer. I don't drive, so my husband took our lo in the car and I took the bus with mindee (need to get second car seat to keep in boot for such occasions!). Luckily my girl is okay, and mindee was an absolute gem through the whole thing until her mum came to collect her from hospital. I, however, feel shattered! I've been on edge since it happened and can't keep my train of thought- I've just burned our dinner! I'm going to bed early, tomorrow is a new day!

09-07-2014, 06:34 PM
Oh dear! Those days are awful. Mine has been great but for different reasons being mindee has screamed all day every day this week and today was the absolute worst. Just feel physically drained. Nothing like yours tho. I hope your lo is better and you get a good sleep. Sounds like you handled the situation very well. And also I burnt potatoes (and the pan) on monday tending to the screaming mindee! Take a nice warm bath and just relax and look forward to the weekend!

09-07-2014, 08:30 PM
Ouch your poor little girl. Hope she's ok and you are recovered too!

09-07-2014, 08:44 PM
Thanks tigwig, my dd has been 100% herself this evening. I don't know how she's not miserable from pain, but I'm glad she's not!

Sorry to hear about your screamer, littlebears! I know a whole day of listening to a screaming baby is so very nerve wracking, I can sympathize.

09-07-2014, 09:02 PM
glad your LO is ok.

take time to rest and recover, you had a shock too.