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04-07-2014, 09:24 AM

Moved to south west last year so I gave up CM to relocate. Been working in nursery settings (one horrendous), next one much better - but the whole ethos goes against everything I know - you know what I mean 'No, don't do that' when we should be thinking 'why not...?' And keeping instruments for circle time only (not letting them explore & use them as they want to) etc. etc.

I have remained registered with Ofsted the whole time, and recently notified LA - but I'm not up on their vacancy list yet. I have also popped into local CM group - who were lovely and supportive.
So, I have tentatively started (ie childcare.co.uk) advertising to re-start business in September .... But am worried that as newbie to area - I will not get enquiries (it seems everyone knows everyone else !!)

Also need to consider recent changes - Agency vs Independent (which is better?) ... and has there been a change yet about food business regs for CMs?

Although I've made decision to jump back in - I'm feeling very unsure :panic:

Thanks muchly

04-07-2014, 09:39 AM
Presumably you have notified Ofsted of your new location
I would contact your early years team to arrange for them to come out, you will need to check their safeguarding procedures and contact numbers are correct with your policy anyway, and then the local FIS to get your details on ASAP

I wouldn't worry about not getting enquiries - think of yourself as a new starter, pop in and introduce yourself to schools, playgroups, sure start centres etc get advertising, and it'll all come good :thumbsup: