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27-06-2014, 08:33 AM
There is an interesting thread on another forum (for moms) about dogs in childminders homes- it's interesting to hear their views! I was just wandering if any childminders on here had dogs, and what Ofsted expected you to do with them during the working hours. I presume keep them locked out of the way?

hectors house
27-06-2014, 08:37 AM
My dogs do stay in the kitchen all day shut behind a stair gate so children can't access them or the kitchen but lots of childminders do have their dogs out in the childminding areas of the house, after all it's a home from home and lots of working parents would like their children to grow up around pets but just don't have the time to have their own.

27-06-2014, 08:41 AM
Yes that would be my view hectors house- was amazed to see how many parents say they wouldn't consider a childminder with a dog!

27-06-2014, 08:59 AM
I have a dog who is now 2, she is out most of the day with us. I do put her away when she is sleeping, meal times and when I need to pop out the room. She sleeps in the kitchen and have a stair gate. (For sake of EH she sleeps on the stairs ;-))

I have never found any issues, most parents love the fact I have a dog as I am a HOME FROM HOME setting and don't have a mini nursery!!

I have had 3 ofsted visits whilst having a dog (Barney rip) and he was same breed cavalier King Charles and spent the whole time laying across ofsteds feet! I asked if try would like me to move him but always happy!!

I can't understand why some parents wouldn't choose a childminder with a dog, I see it a a positive though

27-06-2014, 09:20 AM
I think it is a personal preference, some like, some don't like dogs, cats, for all sorts of reasons, all valid in their own right - so I couldn't aire on either side of whether it's good or bad to have dogs whilst minding. I would probably judge the minder more and how responsible they are with both children and pets. I've seen many responsible dog owners but unfortunately I have seen many irresponsible ones much the same as some parents I suppose :D .

I can understand why a parent wouldn't want their minder to have a dog. And I can understand that children having access to dogs can be a good thing. :thumbsup:

27-06-2014, 09:21 AM
As a parent I wouldn't chose a childminder with a dog. That's my personal choice and I would expect that to be respected, not seen as something odd or disrespectful to childminders who do have dogs.

Yes, childminding is a home from home setting, but my home doesn't have a dog, so I'd chose a home that was like mine. And just because I don't have a dog it doesn't make me a mini nursery!

I have no issues with childminders who do have dogs. They're just not for me. I find that dog owning childminders become very defensive when parents say they wouldn't chose a childminder with a dog and see the parent as being odd for making that decision! Most parents aren't saying childminders shouldn't have dogs. They are just saying it's not the home from home setting they want :thumbsup:

27-06-2014, 09:28 AM
I had a dog until last year - I was always up-front with parents about my pets and would speak about them when they first phoned. Some parents like animals and others would never choose a childminder with animals. I have had parents choose me because of the animals and some who said no thank you and that is fine - parental choice. My colleague in the village does not have pets so we cater for everyone :laughing:

I have had a parent choose me because they were afraid of dogs and they did not want their child to be scared of dogs. Even my son's rats got me a child as the parents kept rats too:). All parents look for different things in a childminder.

I now have 4 cats (Parker my dog died last summer at the age of 14) and am full with children of all ages 4 mths - 8 years.

My Mum would never have chosen a childminder with pets - I am allergic to animals!!! (grown out of)

Daisy De
27-06-2014, 11:18 AM
I have two Golden Retrievers who are not shut away during working hours. I teach the children to treat them with respect no jumping on them or pulling them around and if they are asleep they are left alone.

The dogs are right at the start of my profile and with a cat and guinea pigs as well if you do not want your children to be around animals, my house is not for you. I am full and get loads of enquiries so don't feel they affect my business negatively.

I do, however, respect anyone who does not like animals and certainly don't think it is wrong if you want a dog free environment for your child, it's personal choice.

Some people come to me because of the animals, some stay away. Think you just need to be upfront about what your setting offers there is room for us all. :-)

27-06-2014, 12:00 PM
It's good to hear another point of view- some forums are very anti-childminders I find!! (Regardless of their pets)

I only have two cats myself, although was brought up with dogs, and always loved them!! It's good to know that if I were to have a dog in the future, it wouldn't necessarily Mean the end of my business, it was definitely starting to sound that way on other forum!


27-06-2014, 12:23 PM
I have an extremely excitable 11stone St. Bernard! I shut her off but the children try to climb in!! I have had parents not choose me because of the dog and u think that's absolutely fine. Makes me worry less than if they choose me but didn't like the dog! I have ofsted next week so I'll let you know what she thinks! I told her I have a giant dog as lots of people don't like her x

27-06-2014, 01:36 PM
I have always had dogs and always will. I currently have 2, 1 of which is a puppy. The older one although very friendly is huge and very excitable so she spends most of the time I am working in the lounge or in the garden if the weather is nice. I have my garden separated off for the dogs and kids. My puppy is also very excitable and has to learn some manners so he spends most of his time in my kitchen / diner, he is not allowed in the rest of the house as I can't trust him not to eat everything. The children get to mix with both dogs under my supervision. I have a child who when she came to me at 14mths old she was terrified of dogs, she is now almost 3 and is no longer scared, she loves them. None of my mindees have dogs at home and their parents like the fact that they get to mix with my pets here. I also have a cat and 4 rabbits.
I have a RA for my dogs which Ofsted were happy with. I would not shut my dogs away, this is their home, but I do keep them under strict control and closely supervise them. My old dog was so laid back he would just sleep in the middle of all the mess whilst the children played, nothing bothered him, he'd seen it all before lol.
I used a childminder with a dog when my DS was small, she was great and I never had any problems but weirdly and stupidly I did get nervous about the situation sometimes, don't know why because I am a doggy person.
All my advertising states that I have dogs so if a parent doesn't like that then they have no reason to contact me do they.


27-06-2014, 02:51 PM
It's important to remain cautious- they are animals, capable of snapping if scared or hurt...but I think if owners are responsible of pet and child, the risk is minuscule.

Obviously it's parents decision to make, but good to know you aren't at a disadvantage business wisely having dogs! X

27-06-2014, 03:25 PM
I have two dogs, a biggish 8yo spaniel and a teeny 8 week old teacup yorkie. The dogs are away for some of the day, mostly the busiest times before and after school and also mealtimes. The rest of the time they mix.

When I last used a childminder, she had a dog and we didn't. I didn't have an issue with it because I chose her for her and trusted her.

These days I don't think I would choose a cm with a dog (perhaps a very small one). I think I am worrying.more about things the older I get.

27-06-2014, 04:03 PM
I have a dog age 12 and two very old cats. I tell parents on the initial contact that I have animals I have lost and gained mindees because of my pets. It's personal choice. I keep the animals out of the way most of the time mainly because they are asleep, and always if the young ones are playing on the floor. Never had a problem with Ofsted but have always had a RA

27-06-2014, 08:33 PM
I've got a n 18 month old Labrador who was only 6 months when I started minding and less than a year when I had my first inspection. Ofsted lady was fine with him and with my RA showing that I kept children and dog apart during mealtimes and only allowed supervised play. I have a pets policy too which states that the children and the dog (and cat) will be allowed to mix under close supervision. One family I mind now has their own Labrador a few months younger and the mum of the baby I mind said she loves dogs and wants her children to love them but doesn't want one at home just yet so our interaction is perfect for her. Of course people will have opinions on this but for me there is no set in stone right or wrong - have pets or don't, use a cm with pets or don't. No-one should need to judge anyone else's choices on the matter as long as it's right for the people involved.

27-06-2014, 09:37 PM
I have a 13 year old black labrador retriever. Both my mindees love him and ask where he is if he is not in the room with them.
I haven't had an ofsted so can't comment on that but cross my fingers it will be ok.
My LO's are friends children so they already know our O well, but, I am assuming any new folk will not choose me if they don't like a dog around their child, and I will not be looking after a child who's family are not able to like and show respect to our elderly gentleman dog. We did think when I was first asked to look after LO that he would slump away upstairs out of the way..but he just wants to be with them and absolutely loves the road mat to lie on..the children push him gently off with an "oh O" and he plods out of the way.
Having said this...I never leave him with them on their own, he gets persuaded to go in the kitchen if I am not in the room or if there is food around or if furry toys are in play as he loves to 'retrieve' them.
We have a dog policy and if the children have stroked him or tickled his tummy when he rolls over for them they wash their hands ...one deliberately cuddles him just so he can wash his hands!

Unfortunately because there are a lot of bad owners out there who do not train their dogs and we hear of terrible stories around children, it makes non dog owner parents paranoid. Those parents will choose a ch m who doesn't have pets....it limits my appeal to parents but I can cope with that.

28-06-2014, 10:40 AM
I have a 2 and 1/2 year old Otterhound (large, hairy, slobbery), who mixes in with us all day. He loves people, and he loves 'his' babies. He sits in one of the front windows in the morning and waits for them to arrive. I pretty sure at least one of my mindees mostly comes just to see him, and merely tolerates my presence as inevitable! He's very laid back (unless there's food around), and spends most of his day asleep on the sofa or floor. As long as he can be in the same room as us, he doesn't mind anything. He would, however, get upset and stressed if he had to be separated (he's OK at meal times because he can see us through the stair gate across the kitchen door). I would never leave him alone with mindees while they are awake (in spite of my best efforts, he does usually sneak in for a kip on the sofa while they are having a nap in a travel cot). And he does get shut away in another room for a few minutes while people are arriving/going home.

Some mindees love him, some are not too bothered. But none of them have any problems being around dogs. I have risk assessed him, have pictures of him fairly prominently on my website, mention him in every written description I have ever done and I am very careful to try and teach mindees how to behave around him, and all other dogs we meet, for that matter. I think they can be very valuable tools for teaching children about responsibility and caring for others. Buying food, treats and toys and taking him to the vet have been responsible some of our favourite outings ever!

I like dogs. I love having a dog (most of the time, anyway! ;)). I don't have a problem with anyone who doesn't like dogs. Some parents have chosen to use me partly because I have a dog, and some have probably chosen not to use me for the same reason (no one has ever actually said that, but it wouldn't surprise me). Both reasons are fine by me.