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18-06-2014, 12:56 PM
So, I'd thought about becoming a CM years ago after having my lb but it was only after having my lg that I considered it properly thanks to meeting a lady who had been minding for ten years. She was on maternity leave but when I shared my worries about finding kids to mind (Everyone I know of uses nurseries) she said not to (worry) as business was booming, she was earning 1500 a month on after schools alone. Anyhow, she returned to work last October. A few weeks ago however she told me that she is really struggling to find any kids now, no after schools at all, no interest in months. She only has two mindees for three days a week now. She is debating whether to continue. Asking another CM in the area she says she is full but hasn't had any phone calls for a good six months either.

Am I right to be concerned? We live on the IOW and I know business is still going strong in the other towns, but unfortunately our town has the most nurseries. The ladies from the council say CMs are dropping like flies all over the island and that they need more CMs :-/ In fact, the most popular CM in my town has shut up shop, and another I know is thinking about it. Everyone leaving it makes me worry!!

Is it possibly just one of those things, business goes up and down? Is it the amount of nurseries? It has taken me a while to get the ball rolling but i have spent a lot of time working towards this, I have discovered a passion for it and know how much I shall enjoy it. It will be horrid if I can't find any kids to mind... Half tempted to move town when our flat sells!

18-06-2014, 01:07 PM
Unfortunately there is no guarantee of work- even if the local childminders are full there may not be more work coming in etc. it is a bit of a gamble. Just be very clear in any advertising or on speaking to parents about what you can offer that a nursery may not for example lots of trips out of setting etc. and also stress the importance of a small setting for young children to you etc to show how keen you are. Good luck

18-06-2014, 01:21 PM
It's a hard one to answer unfortunately as there are other factors to take into account.

It's possible it's the reduction in income that's making CM's close up, when you're used to having £1500+ coming in, half of that is a big drop to 'lose' for more than a month or two.
If you are already on a tight budget, like I was, just having 1 child before and after school, made a significant impact on my income.

As this job can be very up and down at times, I've tried to continue my 'frugal lifestyle' as much as possible so that a significant drop won't affect me too much. (I do online shopping and use a shopping list - if it aint on the list it aint going in the basket lol)
The only significant purchases I have made is getting a bigger and newer car 18 months ago (I worked out that if I lost all but 1 part time mindee, that income alone would still cover the finance payments), and we had a holiday abroad last year.

A lot of long standing minders have become increasingly frustrated and disillusioned by the way things are being done now as opposed to as little as 10 years ago, you won't know any different as this is the way it is, so are much more adaptable to the current changes and goings on.

Some minders will have decided long ago that they will only continue whilst their own children are below a certain age, and now that time has come

Some minders don't advertise regularly, or only advertise in certain places, then forget to check their presence is still shown until such a time as work starts drying up, so enquiries can be erratic
You're about to start your journey so will be actively advertising everywhere you can think of - a fresh approach and possibly a fresher outlook than current minders (some do get a little stuck in their ways - I've found anyway)

This time of the year always seems to go quiet then starts getting manic as the end of term approaches. I've put this down to parents waiting to find out what school they get issued before they decide when they're going to go back to work, then it's applying for jobs and interview time, and then once sorted, it's a mad panic for childcare places.
I've had no enquiries for months, and this week, have had 3 in 2 days :rolleyes:

Please don't be put off, at least not just yet lol

18-06-2014, 01:25 PM
The problem with self-employment is that it is not guaranteed work and can be insecure.

Many years ago I had a full time family 3&6 and a 4 day a week family 2&9 so took on a difficult enquiry 2 year old 5 days a week 1/2 hour a day one week 2 1/2 hours a day next week as parents worked opposite shifts so only needed cover for the cross-over. I was happy with what I was earning so agreed to do it. A few months later one Mum was made redundant and the other decided she did not want to work any more leaving me with 1/2 hour per day one week and 2 1/2 hours the next!!!! No enquires for months I started working in a pub in the evenings so that I was available to take enquiries when they came in - after 6 months I got siblings 6 hours a day 5 days a week:). But had to get over the lean time first.

I am full for the first time in many years from last week.