View Full Version : Ey/ratio numbers

16-05-2014, 12:11 PM
Someone please clarify -

If I have a child who is 8 are they 'counted' in my 5 spaces. I have 5 under 8's and maybe 2 x 8 yo for school run so not sure if I can do it?!

16-05-2014, 12:26 PM
Not sure on this but I'm interested in the answer as I have a mindee turn 8 in Aug and was wondering when they weren't counted in numbers anymore. Sorry I couldn't help.

16-05-2014, 12:40 PM
It is under 8s so when they have their 8th birthday they come out of ratios.

However if your area has planning restrictions you may still have to count them in numbers - my area restricts me to 6 mindees of any age.