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13-05-2014, 09:17 PM
I currently own an after school and holiday club, so have customers but i am contemplating closing it and becoming a child minder. I would like to know the benefits? how many children can you have at 1 time? how much do child minders charge? any other information would be helpful thank you

Chatterbox Childcare
13-05-2014, 09:37 PM
Both have questions from your questions

Numbers - these are set at 6 under 8 and no more than 3 under 5 and 1 under 1 - your own children have to be deducted from these figures

Charges - this depends on where you live, so best to talk to some childminders in your local area.

Good luck

14-05-2014, 06:47 AM
Hello and welcome

I agree with chatterbox.

you are limited to 6 under 8, of which no more than 3 under 5 and no more than one of those three under 1 including your own children. You can also care for children over 8 (PLI limits to a total of about 12 children). However it does depend on your space available and your LA planning rules. My area I can only care for a total of 6 minded children of any age otherwise I have to apply for change of use on my house.

charges vary depending on area from around £3 to £6-7+ per hour. Higher fees in London of course. How much you will actually earn depends on local demand, how quickly you fill your spaces and what your expences are.

The benefits to me - I am at home for my children, I love working with a small group of children, I love the flexibility to change my plans due to weather, local events etc., I am able to earn good money and not place my children in childcare, I love watching children learn and being able to follow an interest that they have, childminding makes me happy:D

Downsides - not secure, there are times when there are few enquiries, I have previously had to get an evening job due to 2 full-time families leaving in the same month (4 children), earnings can go up and down, it can be lonely if you don't get out and about, chasing money if parents are difficult payers