View Full Version : Advice needed on what happens next!

28-04-2014, 10:05 AM
Hi all,

I'm a newbie here and thought I'd join up as I've been coming here quite often since starting the journey to become a childminder :)

I was just wondering if anyone could give me answers in what ofsted do next/if I should push them along a bit!
I have completed pre-reg and first aid courses and last week I finally got my DBS back. My partner got his back a while ago so he completed the EY2 application. I have also as of last Tuesday completed the EYC application (I had sent off my completed health declaration booklet a while ago too). Once I had submitted the form I received notification of this. Then a couple of hours later received another notification saying this 22/Apr/2014 14:09 An anonymous user intervened and took action 'Assign' with the result that:
It passed through 'Dont notify Staff' because no special conditions applied
Notification was sent to Emily Crawford, Emily Crawford.
The process was routed to any NBUCaseworker of Ofsted: SAC.
So what happens next? I still have not paid yet and I although I provided referees I did not say to them to provide references as I will have Ofsted do this, is this wha they may be doing in this time? How long do you reckon they will take to get back to me or should I contact them myself? What is the next stage? And when would I pay?

Thanks for your help! I hear Ofsted work on their own times!