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17-03-2014, 07:31 AM
Some of you may have seen my post last week about lo who had to go to hospital with concussion after a fall at home, well same lo also had conjunctivitis (was on antibiotics) & a heavy cold.

my dd 20 months, has spent all weekend poorly.... Severe conjunctivitis, green snotty nose & temperature & is still not right today & I have extra children today.

I know you cant exclude for colds or conjunctivitis, but its do unfair on my own children & me as had a rubbish weekend.
plus my dd has kidney problems so anything she gets seems to completely knock her for six!

no real point to this post just a rant. :(

17-03-2014, 07:39 AM
I excluded for conjunctivitis for 24 hours, my setting my rules

17-03-2014, 07:44 AM
You can't really close for conjunctivitis if the child has started treatment. The antibiotics work pretty fast. Hope you all feel better soon, but that is the life of a CM I'm afraid :(

17-03-2014, 07:54 AM
I exclude for colds if they're really poorly and miserable, I don't mind normal coughs and colds but when they're streaming and just must feel awful I call parents. When I was working and my little boy came down with a cold like that at his childminder it often came on so quick and I always rushed back to get him, would much rather he was home with me having lots to cuddles than feeling ill without me.
I'd judge each case separately and put in your policies general colds and coughs are fine but if you judge them to be too poorly they must be collected.

17-03-2014, 08:19 AM
I exclude for conjunctivitis until treatment has been started. I've had 2 LO's with it recently but with drops it clears up very quickly especially if you catch it early. My parents have been fine about it.
Coughs, colds etc I just put up with as long as the child is okay to carry on normal day to day activities although I will give Calpol if I feel the child needs it and parents have agreed, usually I don't have to as the child is usually too busy here to bother about feeling too poorly.
My immune system is getting stronger, the first 3 years in this job were horrendous I went down with everything the lovely little kiddle winks gave me.


mrs robbie williams
17-03-2014, 09:29 AM
my immune system is rubbish ive noticed since i started childminding :( i catch everything the kids have - colds, coughs, upset tums the lot - fed up with it tbh i thought after nearly four years i would be hardened to it but nope, had lo 9m yesterday all day and shes just got over a cold and conjunctivitus but noticed her eyes started going gammy at lunchtime ive woke up with sore eyes, earache, sore throat generally feeling rubbish but have to carry on :( xx