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30-01-2014, 12:02 PM
Hi, Could I have some advice please, I might be looking after a 4 year old, He is at nursery 3 days a week and his mum is looking for cover for the other 2 days but only a few hours. He obviously has a learning journal at nursery but I was wondering how many hours would he have to stay with me in order for me to do a learning journal ? Thank you in advance Sarah x

30-01-2014, 01:42 PM
You need to be following, planning for and monitoring ALL eyfs children's learning and development. You can do that with a LJ, scrap book, diary or just from your own memory if you feel you can.

You can do a LJ based on just a few hours of minding a week, it will just be thinner than one for a full-timer. With parent's permission, you can also work with nursery by photocopying their LJ pages and keeping in your LJ so you all work from same next steps and add to each other's LJs. This is ideal and shows very good 'working together'.

I have a new starter and I did about 8 obs on his yesterday, in one day! so time is not a limiting factor so much, you still notice loads of new things they do/say and all the things parents tell you they do at home.