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20-01-2014, 06:46 PM
Sorry this is a bit of a moan! I came back to work in September after maternity leave when my little girl was nearly 4 month old and I was lucky that all my family's came back but since I've been back I just don't seem to feel the same about the job. Really need some motivation because the last thing I want to do is go back out to work & leave my own lo. Anyone been through this & have any advice? I'm so behind on my paperwork which I don't think is helping & I'm finding it hard to think of new ideas for the lo's even though I feel I know them all really well & know exactly where they are at developmentally I just can't seem to find a way that works for me with documenting their ljs & planning. No real point to this I think I just needed a bit of a moan!

20-01-2014, 07:05 PM
Sorry I am quite new to this so haven't gone through what you are now

However after years of leaving my daughter with family while I got in exhausted from being in an office all day, I would say if you are looking for motivation you've already got it as you say you wouldn't like to return to work and not be home for your lo, I can see from just a few months that this work could become very monotonous! So I keep in mind I'm there for my child in the morning and evening and she's never been happier!

Give yourself a long trial period like a year and give it your best shot and see? Of course, you must do what you feel is right when you feel it's right but that would be my two cents ;)

21-01-2014, 01:21 PM
Thank you for replying! I think I'm going to give it 6 month & see how I feel then. Going to get on top of paperwork this week & hopefully that might make me feel a bit better.

Thanks again

21-01-2014, 01:29 PM
I always start to get a bit down when my paperwork starts to fall behind. I've just adopted a new way of noting down my obs and next steps and I'm feeling refreshed as all 6 under 5's are all in 1 A4 book so no more bits of separate paper flapping around.
One a4 page is obs, links and next steps and the overleaf page is evidence that I've followed up the next steps with pictures and quotes. Its simple but effective and its made me feel a lot better about having so much to do :D

Also the weather doesn't help does it when its cold and dreary.....:(

21-01-2014, 01:34 PM
It's easy to get stuck in a rut, as said work can be monotonous if you let it.
Try to plan one activity a day, get out and about. Do you get to a toddler group? It would help to meet like minded people,
Set yourself small achievable goals - like by end of this month ill catch up with learning journeys etc.
I feel I have to try hard to plan bits or it just becomes too samey! Xx

21-01-2014, 07:37 PM
I've not been in the same situation as you but the worst thing, I think, you can do is worry about the paperwork. I've been behind with my paperwork and I''m slowly getting back on top of it but if I tried to do it all at once, then I would have failed miserably and fel really down about it. Take it day by day and do a little each night (or nap time, whatever time best fits with you). Dont' stress about getting it all done at once. Give yourself time for you as well as your new baby and mindees.

As for new ideas - don't worry - give them old ones from old planning sheets or good old rice, pasta and containers, and painting, and playdough. If you're not feeling great or enthusiatic about the activities, then the children probably won't be either. Stick to tried and tested ones and you should make your life a little easier.

Just my opinion, but enjoy it - you did once before!


21-01-2014, 08:14 PM
Can you book any cpd courses with the council? I always leave them feeling quite motivated! Once your baby hits 6-8 months you will feel she is enjoying okay more and likes to be around the others and then you will feel happy to have the others in the house instead of feeling like you are neglecting your own (well that's how I felt!)

Spend every morning outside for a week so you can just watch them, it will give your mind a little rest and also you can watch them and hopefully get a few ideas for activities!

It's time to plant seeds soon so maybe for for a forest school theme for the month?

I'm taking my lot to a local old peoples home (we bake cakes and take stories for them to read us) again that means you can stand back and observe a bit whilst doing your bit for the community! Hehe!

Good luck! Xx

21-01-2014, 08:52 PM
Thanks everyone for your replies!

I'm waiting for the council to release there new courses as when the last ones were first released I was heavily pregnant & just didn't get round to putting my name down.

My lo is 8 months now & does love the others being here now that she's able to get around & join in and it is lovely to see just sometimes wish we could have more time just the 2 of us. I think that is what is bothering me & I'm just stuck in a bit of a rut but there's only me that can get myself out of it.

Thanks again for all of your replies xx