View Full Version : Early starter at nursery!

15-01-2014, 03:29 PM
Hi all, I tend not to do an 'in depth' file for my schoolies, even when they do half day nursery as I know the school well and know they follow the eyfs quite rigidly there so here I just do like an open file, with their art work in, some photographs and some observations and loosely follow the eyfs and what they do at school.
Anyway its worked well for me BUT I now have a child who will be younger than any other schoolies I've looked after because she's got an early place at nursery.
Would you keep on doing the more 'open files type' or, because she is younger, and is starting nursery earlier than she should be do a more structured eyfs one?
I know it doesn't really matter as I'll still be supporting her development through the eyfs stages but with the schoolies I don't tend to observe or record as much because I know school will be doing it all, if that makes sense?