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15-01-2014, 11:16 AM
This morning I've had
3 ppi calls.
1 knock on the door by a scarp metal bloke
1 knock on the door by a window company
And finally a knock on the door from jehovas witnesses.

I try so hard not to be rude to people, especially in front of the los. The window bloke and the scrap metal bloke were fine and just went away when I said no.

The jehovas witnesses refused to take no for an answer and I ended up shutting the door in their face.
I feel bad for being rude in front of the los but ahhhhh leave me alone.

No point to this post really. Just a rant lol

hectors house
15-01-2014, 11:41 AM
On the money saving expert website (Martin Lewis) you can print off a sign saying words to the effect "I am not buying whatever you are selling, so don't knock, go away and don't come back" - I printed off a copy for all OAP's in my street - also you can ask the Jehovah's Witnesses if they ignore the sign and still knock if you can go on their "Do not call" list. Although after about a year they knocked and I said "I think you will find I'm on your do not call list, and they said, yes we know but we thought you may have changed your mind"!

I don't answer my landline to any number that comes up witheld or unavailable - if anyone wants to get hold of me they can leave a message. (the parents who may be phoning from a work number all know this and will leave a message or phone my mobile). For cold calls that do slip through the net, as soon as they start their speech I interupt and say I'm on the Telephone preference list and they are breaking the law in phoning me.

15-01-2014, 12:09 PM
I remember as a kid we were on a holiday in a cottage in the middle of nowhere up a welsh mountain, only cottage up there - my mum wanted to be away from everything and the only living things in sight were sheep, and guess what we were all out in the garden and these Jehovah's Witness walk in the garden and would not leave my mum ended up getting us kids in the cottage and locking them out as they wouldn't go away, it was quite intimidating as the cottage didn't have a phone , long before mobiles existed and my dad had gone to get some stuff for a BBQ so we were stuck there without a car but even after we went inside they didn't go straight away.