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15-01-2014, 11:12 AM
Ok so ordinarily yeah I could probably work this out but I feel some of the below items could fall under two/three main categories so I am a bit....:blush:

Which learning aspect would you put the below under: I have done an estimated guess:

- Alphabet bus etc - CLL
- Mr Potato Head - MAT
- Farm set - UW
- Thomas train track etc - UW

Can someone please guide me. It's awful I know that I should know this by now :(

If you had a puzzle which was a giant alphabet floor one - would you be listing it under the MAT section for the shapes/sizes or would you be placing it under the CLL section for it's alphabet benefits?

hectors house
15-01-2014, 12:13 PM
It would depend on the ages of the child and what they are getting out of the activity/resource

Alphabet bus for older children could be CLL & UW - Technology but for younger children probably more physical

Potato head - physical

Farm set - UW, Physical and if they invented a little story then CLL

I generally find I can tick most aspects for every activity we do apart from Literacy which is more specific.