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18-07-2008, 09:14 PM
.. there's me thinking how lovely all your mums are for the wine etc. and one of my Mums was wonderful today - when I did my contracts I forgot (and still do....) to talk about costs of trips. i hate the money part! I get really uncomfortable and undersell myself. Anyway, as mine (until my new one starts next week) are term time only I'm taking them out to a touchy feely farm type place on their last day and wrote on the permission slips how much it would cost me and would they like to make a voluntary contribution to the trip. This Mum is paying all it would cost me, bless her (as I have the kids on separate days this is basically my entrance fee as bubs gets in free. I included a leaflet about the place we're going to so she knows that so was very impressed with her) . Anyway, she said that she heard that you shouldn't let teeny weenies get too near poultry - is this true?

19-07-2008, 07:10 AM
I would think it was ok as long as you made sure they washed their hands properly before the eat any food or have drinks etc.

19-07-2008, 09:07 AM
Well if if was that dangerous they would not allow small children to visit farms would they ?

Make sure your risk ass first

Make sure you are aware of any dangers

Diseases are usually spread by direct contact between animals and children - particularly if children eat food or put their fingers in their mouths after touching animals.

The key to prevention is good hygiene including thorough handwashing.

Preventative Measures ............. The rules are the same for poultry and any farm animal

Most diseases acquired from animals can be prevented by cleanliness. A pre-visit talk about hygiene measures before the visit is recommended.

Children should not drink raw milk (unpasteurised) or eat any animal food stuffs nor drink from taps unless clearly marked as suitable.

Discourage children from putting fingers in their mouths.

Children should be closely supervised if direct contact with animals is likely.

Many animals have dried faeces and urine on their skin and may nuzzle children and suck their fingers.

Children should remove any heavily soiled clothing, ensure footwear is free from faecal material and wash their hand thoroughly following the visit.

Children should eat or drink in designated areas and only after washing their hands.

Children should not eat anything that has fallen on the ground eg apples without washing them in drinking water.

Children should be warned not to touch manure or slurry.

Young children may need to be supervised when washing their hands to ensure thorough cleaning.

Show parents your risk ass before you go and I am sure they will be ok

Children have been visting farms for years with no problems

Angel xx

19-07-2008, 09:37 AM
We keep chickens, amongst other things, just wash hands at regular intervals during the day.

Its hard with lo's Hannah has always got her hands in her mouth. If we go to a new farm I just use the hand sanitiser.

I like the "no germs" one as it doesn't dry your hands out.

Good luck and have a good trip :thumbsup:

19-07-2008, 12:43 PM
Thank you all - i couldn't think of anything I knew that said little ones had to be kept away from poultry, and the famr has signs up about pregnant mums not going near sheep etc. I told the Mum we just wouldn't go in the aviary, to give her peace of mind, but wanted to know if I was missing something! Thank you x

19-07-2008, 04:44 PM
I imagine she's got herself confused, like lots of people, after media reports of avian flu...

I hope you can reassure her ... and that you have a lovely time! :D

19-07-2008, 08:04 PM
Have a lovely day

miffy xx

19-07-2008, 10:05 PM
sounds like a nice day and a good check list too have fun :)

20-07-2008, 10:28 AM
We will - thank you x