View Full Version : child handed notice in today, absolutely gutted

19-12-2013, 01:58 PM
I am so upset. This child is my main earner. I have changed mums hours twice to accommodate her and let down another parent who wanted to start because of her and today she hands her notice in. I feel dreadful and now really bad for the other mum I was going to take on.

Just cant believe it.

19-12-2013, 02:04 PM
:( Bigs hugs to you

It's the nature of the job isn't it....things change so much and parents don't realise how much it affects us.

Hope you manage to fill the space soon, can you contact the other parent?

19-12-2013, 02:15 PM
That's really bad luck :(

It happened to me a couple of years back. I'd bent over backwards for one parent, who then turned round and said she was putting her child in nursery. I'd turned away another mum, so I got back in touch & told her I had a space if she was still interested. Luckily she was and signed lo up that week. Original mum then changed her mind about lo going to nursery, but I told her the space had been taken & I couldn't have mindee.

19-12-2013, 02:30 PM
I lost my only full timer back end if October. Like u I'd bent over backwards for this parent working early in the morning on occasions and even had mindee a few times on a Saturday when mum was desperate. She didn't think twice about handing in notice I was so upset and it was the night before my 2 week holiday that she phoned to do it which made it worst. Luckily I've got a new part timer starting in jan and after school child extra 2 nights a week and know have a Wednesday off which is lovely. So its worked out well.

19-12-2013, 04:38 PM
Sorry to hear that, sending hugs x

hectors house
19-12-2013, 04:44 PM
Sorry to hear your bad news especially as it's so close to Xmas - make sure this parent doesn't expect her notice period to include the Xmas holidays. I would give all your remaining mindees parents a couple of your business cards to carry in their bags to hand out to friends - give them an incentive like 3 hours free babysitting if any one they have recommended signs up for a contract with you, ask local schools if you can advertise on their notice boards, stand outside NCT sales or children's pantos handing out fliers and let any other minders know you have a space in case they get an enquiry they can't accommodate.

Did the parent give any particular reason for the notice?

19-12-2013, 11:04 PM
What a good idea to advertise/market - hours of free baby sitting for contract!