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07-12-2013, 10:09 AM
Someone in fb gave me an idea that I'd like your thoughts on....

She had posted laminated pics of activities around a weekly theme that she displayed on her wall. I don't laminate or do weekly themes but I thought of something else in this line to share with parents what we do ....

I am thinking of using a large (900x1200 mm) white board at the entrance to the setting.
In the middle write 'what your child is doing with us at the moment' or suchlike - then each child has a bubble round the board devoted to their current activities and choices. This would be updated during the work day and would be really easy to do and wouldn't change that quickly.
Thomas enjoys:
Sit and rides
Sand and water play
Moving things
Trying different foods
Books with flaps and noises
Playing with Olly.

It wouldn't be a definitive list - just the main choices. My rule of thumb would be something like- if he repeatedly returned to that activity thru the day but not if just tried once.

I wouldn't tie myself up with which learning and development category it was in (that is dealt with elsewhere and don't want to keep foisting terminology on parents)

Do you think it is a confidentiality issue which activities each child is doing? ie would you object if you saw displayed in a setting that your child liked climbing on and off chairs for example etc. all parents and visitors would see this.

I would clear it with all parents before starting it.

Any other issues or ideas? Would value your thoughts as ever xx

07-12-2013, 12:02 PM
I do this but in their daily diaries, keeps it confidential and personal too. So I write 'X has been enjoying xxx today, he's been doing xxxx, we have had xxx resources out' etc. I don't do themes, though, all child led + spontaneous stuff so would be hard work to try to make a display of what we do day to day.

In a group setting like a playgroup it is nice to put out a whiteboard with general 'what we have been doing today' (without names) but as a CM with a small number of children and as I have personal diaries it makes sense to put it in there. I'd only share on a board things that all parents need to see like menu, planned outings, notices etc.

If it works for you then go with it, just make sure you are making work for yourself! I think some parents might be uncomfortable with their child's play preferences displayed as it can show up development stages (who is walking/talking/climbing and who isn't), odd things they do and particular friendships (or lack of them) if you are saying who is playing with whom... opening a can of worms? I don't know... Just ask yourself WHY you are doing it, for who's benefit?

07-12-2013, 02:11 PM
Personally I think a lot of minders are making work for themselves. Nothing wrong in having boards up etc, but a child usually comes here over a nursery because the parent prefers the home from home, more personal approach. If we start looking too much like a nursery we will loose that homely feel. If I had an extra room I might be more tempted with boards, but this is my home and when i finish work each day i want it to feel like home,not work.

07-12-2013, 02:16 PM
If it works for you then go with it, just make sure you are making work for yourself! ...

Edit: ... just make sure you are NOT making work for yourself! ha ha!

07-12-2013, 02:19 PM
Thanks good points .

I agree about developmental comparing. Also friendship naming.

I do this in their diaries too but I feel they are often not read.

I saw this as a way of evidencing as I don't do much displayed planning . I thought parents would read it and say ' yes we do that at home' etc

I'll chat to the parents and see what they think and may give it a whirl. It would encourage input from assistants too as I am the main one who dies their diaries.
I appreciate the input.

07-12-2013, 03:00 PM
I liked how the member on FB had it displayed - instead of a written 'this is what we are doing' it was a visual / picture based 'this week your child will be doing...'

It would only take a very quick to swap round once a week - although it might be limited if you didn't make extra cards that reflected your own resources.

Not sure about one per child though it does sound like a lot of work / photos... :D

07-12-2013, 04:31 PM
Thanks Sarah

The reason I didn't want to to do that was - we do so many totally random different things it couldn't all be covered by pics. Ie kicking up the leaves... Packing then in a bag ..
That would be a lot of work.

Also it was to show what they have done not what we plan to do.

It was also to evidence continuous provision by showing we notice what they do! Yes ofsted was not a millionaire from my thoughts!
but mainly I thought parents would enjoy it.

I will blue tack photos on etc and make it look nice.

The way I plan to do it - it won't be much work at all to keep it updated. We do it as we go along and I can get my two staff assistants involved.

I've ordered the white board anyway so will keep you updates!

Thanks again for the comments.

07-12-2013, 06:05 PM
I also put everything each child has done in their Daily Diary, in full.
Then every coupe of months I send out a Newslettery-type of thingy which says " What we did this Term" or "What we did from Jan - Feb" (just depends )

It will say things like-
What we did, May – July
Chalked pictures on the path and Patio and put kisses on them for the Parents to see when they collected. M
Found a baby frog and fed it leaves, then found it a nice stone to live under. UW
Measured the play equipment and the garden so that we could move it around. M
Entered an Art Competition at the Co-Op EAD
Explored repeating patterns M
Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then made egg box caterpillars
Scrunched up brown paper to make a cocoon.
Explored symmetry with butterfly pictures EAD M
Painted butterfly pictures with symmetrical wings
Made a fish tank of undersea creatures UW EAD
Played with the big Ride-On cars and mended them at our Garage with the tool box. UW
Filled the cars with petrol at our Petrol Pump Station. UW
Carried on the play with the small garage and cars indoors while it rained. UW
Made ramps and tunnels for the vehicles from boxes , tubes and plastic pipes M.
Followed one of the childrens’ interest in Lions and made a Jungle and went on Safari. EAD UW
Bought some Jungle Dominoes to help with our repeating patterns. M
Watched lions at a Waterhole on the Internet.UW

I just have the list on the laptop and add to it every couple of days then print.
As you can see, sometimes I put whether it's Math or Literacy etc, and sometimes not. All the parents understand that each thing we do usually covers several, if not all, Areas, but I just put one or two.
I started it as we usually have a PLAN - and then the children arrive with their own ideas and the Plan goes out the window. I listen to what the children want, find it, do it and then this is my write up to show that the Plan didn't go according to Plan but this is what we did instead.
A copy goes on the Noticeboard in the Porch, and a copy in my folder for my Inspection.

Chatterbox Childcare
07-12-2013, 06:26 PM
I like the idea but it says to me "more paperwork, more time away from the family"

Good idea with velcro on the pics and easy exchange. My activites go in the diary so parents know what we plan for tomorrow.

07-12-2013, 07:40 PM
Nice idea lilac dragon
the reason you give is exactly what is driving me /- I want evidence of what we have done.

I'll try that if this doesn't work