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25-11-2013, 02:29 PM
Hello, 1st time using this forum

I wondered if anyone could help - I am a childminder who does school drop offs and picks ups only. In the past I have had a very lively boy who was quite aggressive towards my own child and rude to me. Thankfully the contract came to an end and I no longer look after him. However, I have got a new boy starting in 2 weeks and cannot shake that previous anxiety. At the settling in session, its very difficult to see what a child is really like - he did jump on the sofa while his mum was here but otherwise seemed ok - I just dont want my own child to feel unsafe in their own home. The contract stipulates that I / parent can cancel contract immediately in the 1st 4 weeks but I dont want to get to that point - as I want to maintain good professional reputation at school.

Sorry, this is a little garbled and probably doesnt make much sense. But could anyone offer any words of advice / encouragement

chris goodyear
25-11-2013, 06:46 PM
Please don't feel that your reputation will be damaged if you have to terminate the contract in the settling in period, that's what it's there for. Obviously if you kept doing it then word would get around but you sound like a caring person and you have to do what is best for you and your family. You are right when you say children behave differently when their parents are around (usually misbehave when they've been angels all day!) but I have had the opposite as well where during the initial visit they have been very quiet and really good, then when they started turned into monsters!! Don't be anxious just put the boundaries in place right from the start - no jumping on the sofa, no being rude to anyone, no deliberately upsetting anyone - and I'm sure you'll find he will soon settle. You can always ease up with firmness later but stick to the consequences for unwanted behaviour as this does work - promise! He may be lovely and you are worrying unnecessarily but if he isn't and you can't keep him just give notice.