View Full Version : Nannies and the voluntary reg

17-07-2008, 06:34 PM
Hi, I was reading that book that Ofsted sent me. It got me wondering if you are on the voluntary reg will Nannies get inspected?? My cousin has applied but never mentioned this and is away so cant ask at mo.

I havent applied for it as i dont need to at the mo. I assume you still have guidlines to apply to? If you do shouldnt you should get inspected? The book i got mentioned that if you are on both reg they will inspect you for both at the same time.

Am i just confussed and wishing Nannies have to get inspected aswell?


27-07-2008, 08:52 AM
Hi i have looked into this quite a lot lately. If you are working as a nanny at the moment you dont have to be registered. The voluntary register means your parents can claim help of the government with chidcare and it means you have been approved by Ofsted. If you go down this road it will make you stand out from other nannies. At the moment it cost £100 and you have to have a current CRB check or have one done. In September they are making everyone sing from the same hymn sheet so it will be compulsary to have it. You can look up on the net and it will give you more detail than i have managed just now. Hope that helps, but yes it is very confusing