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14-11-2013, 06:20 PM
My first proper experience of vomit from a mindee.

Lots of it all over my clothes and in my hair. Unpleasant!
Thank The Lord she was in the kitchen with me at the time, managed to clean everything fairly quickly and no other children as feel sure they would have been covered too. Even went over my dog who was minding his own business at the time
Never been so pleased to smell disinfectant bleach in my kitchen

I'm off to wash the dog then have a bath

14-11-2013, 06:27 PM
Ewww yuk! sounds gross.... poor you (and the dog too)

14-11-2013, 06:33 PM
I feel for you. My first experience was a child who projectile vomited from her car seat in the back through the gap between the front seat and head rest all down my back and all in my hair. icky!

14-11-2013, 06:34 PM
yuk! bad enough over clothes but in your hair ewwww!!!!!!

14-11-2013, 08:47 PM
Yuk poor you. It could have been worse though, it could have been all over your carpet

14-11-2013, 08:50 PM
Ohh my goodness, eww!!!

14-11-2013, 10:34 PM
Yes was so relieved wasn't on carpets. Don't quite know what i would have done!

15-11-2013, 07:13 AM
Oh dear hope no one else comes out with a bug x

15-11-2013, 10:35 AM
Worse one I've ever had was young child asleep in the buggy in the back garden, had raincover over him, heard strange noise looked out the door and he had projectile vomited up onto the raincover all over himself from head to toe!!! As there was so much it was dripping from the raiincover all over him!!!!! Absolutely revolting!! Everything he was wearing was plastered in it!! Stripped him off in the kitchen whilst doing so he projectile vomited again all over my cupboards!!!!! Thank goodness have never had one as bad as that since!!!!

15-11-2013, 10:41 AM
I think my worst was when I'd just changed a child's nappy on the floor. I was kneeling in front of them, pulled them to stand up & they PV all over me. I sat them back down on the mat, told them not to move and went to get changed. They didn't have a drop on them, but I was covered :panic:

16-11-2013, 07:58 AM
The things we do! I had another day yesterday of vomit. One of my babies just seemed to keep having little milky sicks.
I can still smell it!

16-11-2013, 09:42 AM
I've only had to deal with it once in my 2 years of minding, it was my first day back from holiday as well!!

LO had been fine in morning but went downhill in afternoon, lay on couch waiting for parent to arrive, thankfully I had just got off the couch before LO puked everywhere!!

Had another LO here at the time, she looked disgusted lol