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05-11-2013, 08:50 AM
I am just getting ready to send my application off to OFSTED and I had a few questions I hope people might be able to answer.

I know they say they try to process your application within 12 weeks but no doubt it will take longer! How long did you take to get registered?

Also, I am doing my risk assessments again because I didn't like the layout of the ones on the course and I am stuck at wheelie bins! I only have a small paved yard so I can't move them somewhere else and I am not sure what I need to do with them.

Also what does everyone do about nappy disposal!? I know they are supposed to go outside but the way my daughter goes I would spend all day running in and out! Seems a bit barmy really.

How big does a piece of furniture need to be to justify it being attached to the wall. I am going to attach my big expedit toy storage unit in the playroom and the high bookcases in the nursery but I have a normal small bookcase in the living room and I don't know whether I should do that too. It's a rented house and I am not sure how happy they are going to be about me whacking so many holes in the walls!

Katy :)