View Full Version : Potty training - 2 years 5 months.

Nicola Carlyle
09-10-2013, 12:56 PM
Just looking for some advice please.

I tried potty training my own little girl just after she turned two as she was showing all the signs etc but it just didnt work and we went back to nappies for soooooooo many reasons and I just didnt feel she was ready.

Fast forward 5 months and she's taking interest in the potty and toilet, talking about big girl pants, and sitting on the floor then announces "mummy I doing a wee wee in my nappy". I quite often see her engaged in something then she stops squats her legs a little and pulls at her nappy - if I ask her what she's doing she says "a wee wee".

Soooooo I'm thinking it may be time to try again but I'm just wondering how to go about this. What's the best way to start, how can I help her etc...... All advice would be greatly appreciated.

09-10-2013, 02:02 PM
That's the thing about potty training too early, it often ends up setting them back
(Not accusing you by the way! It's just harder to know when they're ready 2nd time around)
Having said that it does sound like she's ready now, talking about it etc
Personally I never bothered with pull up pants, I'd say pop some big girl pants on (could help if they had a character on she likes, like Peppa or something, which makes it exciting for her) and easy to pull up clothes, like loose jeans or joggers so she can pull the, up and down by herself and quickly
I used a Princess Potty training book which helped my daughter loads because she wanted to be just like her lol!
Then with no pressure just let her be, ask frequently and if a long time goes by, pop her on the toilet yourself and run the tap, always worked for me, but then made me need to go too lol!
Praise a lot and ignore if she does wee herself, just say oops, did we forget, and change pants
If she's still not ready after a week or so then I'd say go back to nappies/pull ups and don't mention it until next time she starts asking.
Good luck xxx