View Full Version : parent supplying 1 year old umhealthy food

a morsley
07-10-2013, 09:32 AM
Hi I have been caring for a baby for 5-months mum has allways supplied his food. Homemade food that I reheated, she has now started to send him in with processed chicken dippers and smiley faces or oven chips. Then today she said he has fish fingers for lunch and chicken dippers for tea. He is her 4th child with her other children being 18,16 and 13 so she has been a parent for along time. I have offered to do his food now but she just says no its fine. How do I tackle with mum as it goes against everything I hold important in child diets. I supply healthier snacks wherever possible. Also where do I stand with Ofsted re healthy diet if mum is the one supplying? any help greatly appreciated.:o:huh:

07-10-2013, 11:44 AM
This is a hard one,as she has already raised 3 children she may think "who do u think u are!?" if you start popping healthy eating leaflets in childs bag.

I had this with a 1yr old who would be sent here with food to be reheated-usually some super-noodles/1 weetabix with a tbsp of sugar in/packet rice but now and again it would be leftover chinese/indian takeaway:panic:

I must admit it upset me to feed him this so I used to bin it and feed him from my own food....I would then say "ooh,X wanted a taste of my lunch and he loved it!!"
Made no difference to the rubbish sent each day though-I now include a cold lunch in my fees which solves most of this,maybe if you just say you'd like everyone to eat the same?

hectors house
07-10-2013, 12:13 PM
I would just say that you haven't got time to cook in oven chicken dippers or fish fingers as it takes you away from other children and is expensive on electric to put oven on for a small quantity - or if she cooks them at home and wants you to reheat, tell her that as they are cooked when they are made and then she has cooked them again that you are not allowed to heat for a 3rd time - also tell her that they aren't very nice when reheated as they won't go crispy again and that you would prefer all children to eat the same.