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02-10-2013, 08:52 AM
Hi my co minder and I were registered for 8 children together 2years ago when we started minding , 6 under 5 and 2 over this including 4 under 1s as we have so much experience with them, in the past we had a variation for 7 under 5 so we know that would be ok again but as the certificates have changed do you think we would be ok to have 8 children under 5 for possibly 6 hours on a Monday our numbers at the moment are mon 6 (11-5 only then 5 rest of time) tues 3 wed 5 thurs 3 (only 11-5 then 2) fri 4 the problem is we have had an enquiry for 6month twins that will need 45 hours each which would pay our rent on their own so its a lot to give up the only other way round it would to be to give notice to one that does 20 hours a week which wouldn't go down well I know. we do have the floor space cots etc and will risk assess and tell parents

julie w
02-10-2013, 09:00 AM
I am allowed 9 under 8 when working with an assisstant. I dont know if thats any help to you, but cant see why you couldnt too. I do get a little confused about numbers because my do told me that if I need to go over within reason we no longer need to apply for a variation as long as we could prove that we are capable.