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24-09-2013, 01:28 PM

Just started the eyt.

Looking through the course and the assignments and assignment two asks about how you have dealt with a safeguarding issue? I haven't, nor have I led anyone through it!,

Only really done safeguarding courses, standard stuff.

Any ideas??

25-09-2013, 01:15 PM
Ok I'm going to say straight out that I'm not 100% sure because the EYT is different from the EYP but we were all told during the EYP that if we hadn't ever actually dealt with a safeguarding issue we could use an example and explain what we would do in those circumstances. how would you support the child to tell their story, would you record it, how would you reassure the child without telling them you will keep their secret (which you obviosuly can't do) refer to local safeguarding contacts, phone numbers your procedure, EYFS requirements and so on - demonstrate that you would be knowledgable and capable knowing what to do
The safeguarding standard was the only standard that we were allowed to do this on because obviously some people have never dealt with a safeguarding issue.
Use safeguarding certificates and your own safeguarding policy, that you instigated, in your portfolio to back up your knowledge of safeguarding. also any other training like CAF training, domestic violence training - its all to protect and safeguard children

remember some students are on the non-practitioner pathway so there is no way they will have been in a position to deal with this even on a placement

For the leadership part could you 'share' your safeguarding policy with another childminder or your mobile phone policy? Or could you ask a school if anyone wants to come and do a few days work experience and as part of the induction you could share some safeguarding procedures.

25-09-2013, 06:42 PM
Thank you for that. That is a very good idea, will ask my tutor if that is acceptable to use an example.

Thanks again, will update you.