View Full Version : Confused with DBS application

23-09-2013, 05:05 PM
I need a dbs check for a family member and am struggling. I have posted the Identity Verification form to Capita a few weeks ago. Ofsted wrote last week to say all applications have to be online now and I am not sure if the Identity Verification paper copy already posted will be OK or does that bit have to be done online as well?
If anyone can advise me I would be so grateful thanks.
Alison X

23-09-2013, 05:08 PM
I think the whole process has to be done online now.anything after the cut off point in summer wont be processed by crb anymore so you'll have to start again

25-09-2013, 05:58 PM
I rang Capita and the lady said they could link up a paper Identity Check with the online dbs application :clapping:(to my relief!). We filled in the online application, all paid for:angry: and sent now. It may take up to 6 weeks but at least it's sorted now, and in the new year when my youngest turns 16 at least I know what to do now.
Alison X

26-09-2013, 10:12 PM
Ive just had the same issues!

Took an age to find out where to do it online and then had to print off the ID verification thing! My Hubby is sooooo angry by it all as he works for a Government dept dealing with illegals and asylum seekers, and we have to verify that our 16yr old was born here and lived at same address all his life!!
Plus pay £52 for the privilege!

Also today received a letter from Ofsted sending my Son a security key number to access his online SEF!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rang them to ask what its about to be told to ignore it! Docs produced after submitting DBS stuff incase he needs to change his mobile number with them.
Why would my Son need to tell Ofsted if he changed his number?? He just lives here and has no contact with the childminded children.

Also found it highly amusing that the contact number printed on the letter was wrong!!!
I feel sure that my authority would be down on me like a tonne of bricks if I had a wrong phone number on any of my policies!
I might just hang on to the letter for my next inspection.