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18-09-2013, 02:02 PM
I am in the process of starting up as a childminder, I have booked on my local registration meeting. I have just been looking on the Internet just generally about childminding and I came across a website called Pacey. It said childminders need a level 3 diploma in the children and young people's workforce and that it costs £999. I am just worrying now that it is going to cost me a fortune to be a childminder, can anybody give me any info on how much money goes into being a childminder. Thanks

18-09-2013, 02:13 PM
Costs depend on areas. Some LAs still have funding for setting up as a childminder and for further courses others don't. You will find out this info from you session you are booked on. The L3 qualification is desirable but not essential. You will have to do a short childminding course that is approved by your LA and this may be part of the L3 qualification so if you chose to do it you will have already done part. There may be a cost to this but your LA will advise you. There may be a grant available to you to set up again your LA will advise you.

Pacey is a representative organisation for childminders and other that work in early years - they are also training providers so they try to sell the courses.

I did not have the L3 when I started childminding I have it now and it is worth doing if you decide that you would like to stay working with children but do not panic it is not something that you have to have at present.

18-09-2013, 02:19 PM
Hi, I have recently qualified and the level 3 is not a compulsory qualification in but you will need to get CyPop5 which is 4 credits of the level 3 if you work in England (I understand Wales, Scotland and Ireland are different). Your Local Authority will hold this and they all charge differently. Mine was £175 but I think this was a lot more than most other areas (I live in London!)

You also need Paediatric First Aid (c.£80-£100) a health deceleration completed (£7.50-£150 depending on your GP). DBS registration for each person over 16 in your household (£52 a person). Some authorities insist on food hygiene (£10-20). And then there's the cost of your home safety as you need (stair gates, fire guards, cupboard locks etc.)

I'd check how much availability there is in your area, see your local family information service website and Childcare.co.uk. I live in a population boom area so there's a big need for childcare so I'll easily make it financial worthwhile within 3 months.

I'm glad I made the step and I wish you well with your research.