View Full Version : Bored!!!

18-09-2013, 11:37 AM
I am soooo bored! I now only do after school care and this is my first week of being home alone in 5 years! I'm bored silly!

I know eventually I will get used to it and do have a mammoth list of things around the house I want to do but can't do any of them yet as I either need longer (still on half days!) or I need DH to do other jobs first.

My paperwork is looking great at the moment, my SEF is half written, my next three school holidays are planned as is all of this terms after school activities.

In my heart I know I can't go back to working full time EY children but will be glad in Nov when I'm doing 6hrs a week with baby twins. And come oct half term I know I will be moaning about how busy I am!

18-09-2013, 12:00 PM
Get the feet up and chill!! Tv on and a nice bar of choc! That's what I would do lol! Xx

18-09-2013, 12:03 PM
Why are you doing only after schoolers?

If you're bored... Get a dog, voluntary work, new qualification, decorating (plenty here you could do)

18-09-2013, 01:08 PM
I decided to do after school only as I felt I didn't want loads of little ones here when my own dd was at school. I also hate all the paperwork and never seemed to be up to date with it when I had loads of little ones.

Plus out house is an old house and needs a lot of work done on it. Seemed easier to get it done without loads of kids here all the time. I had also planned to use a lot of the day time to help my nan but she's got a better social life than me and is never around! I aim to have the house sorted by Easter and will fill my EY spaces two or three days a week if I can. I'm refusing to take them on on days I don't want to work though!