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julie w
17-09-2013, 12:58 PM
I would be grateful for some advice please. I care for a child whose parents have seperated. The child did not get a place in our local school this year but mum wants him to still come to me after school. My husband says he would pick him up from school on his way home from work, which is perfect timing. Now dad wants a copy of our car insurance and proof hubby can look after him. I insured the car in both mine and dh name through motorminder for childminders, though now looking through the smallprint the word 'childminder' doesnt actually appear. Ive never felt the need to check before. Also the parents signed a permission slip quite a while ago to say he could be picked up by dh in the car . I also have public liability insurance. My ofsted certificate states children can be left with an assistant for up to 2 hours, though it doesnt actually name dh as the assistant. I did think of stating that I am only charging from when the child is at my house and dh is picking him up as a favour, but I dont want it to look underhand, but just want to cover myself. The dad makes life as difficult as possible for mum and he loves going to court with minute details and small print so I need to be sure. Thanks for any help and advice. x

17-09-2013, 01:03 PM
Is your DH registered with ofsted as your assistant, i.e first aid trained, CRB checked etc?

This will be a pain but:

I would ring your insurer and get a confirmation letter that you are covered for childminding use.

Call Ofsted and ask for written confirmation your DH can act as your assistant

Once you have both letters on the way you may agree to do it.